The Ariba line that has been especially created for topping and decorating fine confectionery, is the top quality range for chocolate preparation.

It is available in discs, with different cocoa butter contents, and in different-sized drop

Ariba Milkdiscs Chcocolate
Couverture 35.5%                Code:07-06-301
Ariba Dark Discs Chocolate
Couverture 53%                   Code:07-06-302
Ariba Dark Discs Chcocolate
Couverture 60%                   Code: 07-06-303
Ariba Dark Drops Chocolate
Couverture 46%                   Code: 07-06-304

Ariba Dark Discs Chocolate
Couverture 57%                    Code: 07-06-306

Master Martini
  • Wide Range of Convetures
  • Chocolate in shape of coins and Drops and compound chocolate in same shapes.
  • Master Gourment (NS)
  • Decor Up (Sweetened)